Something Fishy
Something Fishy Doug Dickerson, Guitar/Vocals
Doug Dickerson, affectionately known as “Dr. D.” has an original unique style of playing complemented by untouchable tone. Dr. D. has played for years in the panhandle.

Teddy Lehmann, Guitar/Vocals
Teddy is a fantastic showman. Covering music from Elvis to the Blues Brothers Teddy has no boundaries! From Pensacola to Panama City Teddy has rocked the gulf coast for years.

JD Cowan, Drums
JD has been sharing his expertise with local acts professionally for over 30 years, JD, Doug and Chris have played together in the past for close to 8 years. From studio to stage JD Cowan rocks!

Chris Nida, Guitar, vocals and Bass
Chris has been playing music in the local area for years and currently teaching music/guitar at North West Florida State College. Although Chris gravitates to Blues/Rock/R&B, no musical style is left unexplored.