Trademark Founded in 2005 by lead vocalist and frontman Charles Derrick, TRADEMARK has become one of the Mid-South's premier country-rock bands. From classic dance tunes to today's "hick-hop" favorites, Trademark brings a raw energy and musical talent that's hard to match.

After several years of playing clubs in the Jackson, MS area, TRADEMARK made some personnel changes, focused on a desire to grow its fa n base, and hit the road in 2011. Now a huge draw from Memphis to Biloxi and from Mobile to Monroe, TRADEMARK has become one of the region's top club acts. Through hard work, dedication, and their high energy shows TRADEMARK has secured sponsorship from Peavey and J├Ągermeister. They have also played a support role for and shared the stage with national acts such as Rodney Atkins, The LACS, and Bad Company. They are currently working on a CD which they plan to release in late 2013.

Known as "The Motley Crue of Country," TRADEMARK delivers a great show every time. "Friends don't let friends miss a TRADEMARK show"