Shaky Feelin'
Shaky Feelin' Shaky Feelin' is Southern California New Wave jam band mixing the elements of Bluegrass, Rock, Reggae, Electronica or what ever else they get into. The creativity of the band allows for amazing song writing and a lets never play it the same way twice attitude. Being in the in the moment allows everyone in Shaky Feelin' to create their own unique role. With a no fear attitude and awesome musicianship these guys have the ability to create smiles and bobbing heads. New comers that find Shaky Feelin' see a positive high energy journey and quickly start getting there groove on. In face that is where their name comes from. Once you are seeing them live you can't avoid that Shaky Feelin'(Dance like no one is watching.)

The band is fronted by singer/guitarist Mark Masson, along his side Franklin Murphy singer/keyboards and Paul Menchaca singer/drums and Cameron Probe on the kit-cussion and Rob Jeffries on the bass. Don't miss Shaky Feelin' next time they come through town!

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