Omega Moo
Omega Moo Omega Moo is a heavily punk influenced rock band with a unique addition; keyboards.

Adam and Ian have known each other since their respective high school bands. Adam wailed on his guitar bringing the local punk scene down around his knees, while Ian spent his time skanking and tickling the ivory's during the late 90's ska revival. While the pair reveled in many of the same pleasures it wasn't until one day when the stars aligned and they ran out of PBR at the same time that the two would meld into the musical giant that is known today as Omega Moo.

Jack and Ryan began layin down the tight rhythms together early in the new millennium. After working with a few projects that lacked the rock awesomness they desired the duo set out into the deep trenches of the Seattle music scene to find the ever elusive melody that would give meaning to their explosive groove.

The four would meet on a rainy Seattle night where the seductive allure of the Omega Moo's sweet riffs, crunchy guitar and swirling keyboards entranced the rhythmic monsters and after a series of dark rituals the band currently know as The Omega Moo was born.

With their lineup complete the 4 Moo's set out into the Seattle music scene with the singular goal of melting faces. The band now plays shows around Washington and is on regular rotation at many of the Seattle area's greatest Venues such as: The Funhouse, Tony V's Garage, The High Dive, Chop Suey, The Blue Moon, The Tiger Lounge and many more. The group has even been sighted recently in Portland, Eugene, Sacramento, Las Vegas and San Diego.

The intrepid Omega Moo is always looking for new venues to conquer new faces to melt and new friends to make along the way. If your bill needs adventure, excitement, and heart pounding rock... The Omega Moo is here to save the day..