Meena Batish
Meena Batish Meena Batish is a fantastic vocalist of the North Indian music tradition! She is the daughter of Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish (of "Khamosh Nigahen", "Na To Karavan Ki Talash hai" and "Poocho Na Kaise" fame!). Meena is truly gifted with a very beautiful and vibrant voice. She has released two CDs under the Batish Records music label: "My Favorite Bhajans" - Devotional songs of Meera, Dadu Dayal etc., and "Lishkare" - a collection of Panjabi folk songs similar to Bhangara, Gidda, Boliyaan etc. She is presently touring and recording with her brother Ashwin Batish and her nephew Keshav Batish.