Zeta June
Zeta June Zeta June is a collaborative effort by four musicians who all share a deep passion for live music. Formed in late 2011 Zeta June has been working hard to establish themselves in the Iowa City music scene. Blending rock, funk, and dance music, the band throws a wild party not to be missed. See them this summer at Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe IL, as well as a town near you.

The beauty of Zeta June is that each member brings their own set of influences to the table, from classic psychedelic rock to 60’s and 70’s funk-soul and everywhere in between. This blend of musical knowledge produces a sound that is versatile and unique. The band however finds most inspiration from their dedicated fans. There’s nothing like seeing a ton of smiling faces bobbing in the crowd while we are on stage, it’s truly an amazing feeling. When the crowd is really into it and you can tell everyone is having a great time it really makes us play with all of our hearts and its magical. The love we get from an audience it what inspires us to keep working hard and to always be improving.