Sunshine Becker
Sunshine Becker Born Sunshine Garcia on a hot July 1st day in 1972, Sunshine was born to sing and has been blessed beyond imagination to do it as her full time career. She is currently the lone female singing member in Phil Lesh and Bob Weir's band Furthur. Her primary project other than Furthur has been with the the acappella vocal band out of Oakland, CA - SoVoSo. Sunshine also teaches as a vocal performance coach and leads workshops and residencies focusing on using your voice as a musical instrument and as an instrument for positivity in the world.

Married in 2001 just weeks after 9/11, Sunshine was proud to become a Becker -- marrying bass player and executive salesman Bill Becker.

Sunshine works as a studio session singer and comes from a family of musicians. Her highlights onstage when not performing with Furthur include performing with the king of the funky drums, Zigaboo Modeliste, and many many amazing tours and performances with SoVoSo and the groove driven rock band Passenger.

Sunshine is excited for the musical journey that lies ahead and savors her other full time job of being Mom to first-born son Geddy.