Deathtrap America
Deathtrap America Deathtrap America came to form in September of 2010 on a sunny afternoon trip to Seattle. Out of the frustration with the current affairs and hardships of our nation, the idea of DTA presented itself to it's willing members, JT Locke, Amanda VanderMeer and Steve Cook. The three musicians, both having been in other projects and armed with the experience of national and international tours, set out to make an album. Inspired by the rainy months of Portland, the trials and tribulations of everyday life in this nation, and the determination of giving hope to those around them, they achieved their goal. They have blended the styles of rock, metal, pop, punk and prog rock to result in a sound of heavy, catchy rock and roll they call "Boutique Punk". Their aim is to entertain, and wake up the masses to a positive environment with their energetic and interactive live performance. Deathtrap America brings to you their self titled album is available on itunes right now!