RockSkool brings your favorite rockin’ music memories to life! Uniting eras and styles, RockSkool gives audiences fun and exciting Rock-n-Roll for any event. With a keen focus on the Classic Rock years, RockSkool performs every variation of rock music from the 60’s to today. Styles include: mid-1960’s “British Invasion”, 1970’s Classic and Pop rock, 1980’s Hard Rock, New Wave, Hair-Band, 1990’s Grunge, Alternative, and the modern music of today.

Entertainment for all ages! Whether you are planning an all-day family affair, or a hot night-time party event, RockSkool delivers the signature sound and mojo of everyone’s favorite tunes! Young and old can appreciate RockSkool’s variety of songs- many of which are also showcased within the popular music video games of today.

RockSkool can make your entertainment experience a seamless one. With the use of their own sound and light production for small to mid-size venues, planning and set up is a breeze. For events of a large scale, professional stage services are provided by Spider Ranch Productions in collaboration with RockSkool.

Six skilled and educated professional musicians, the members of RockSkool know how to Rock! These talented guys have over 150 years combined performing experience to bring you a huge catalog of songs- so the entertainment seems never ending!