Thief From this town, where glory exists in the unknown bands that howl at the night, Thief create a portrait of individuals releasing their frustration and anger on a world created by those they understand only too well. In the alleys where the disassembled sleep and reappear, in the bars that locals call home, and where men and women stare at the day through the blackened eyes of forgotten dreams, this group of men fight their inner demons; brothers in a battle with the society that made them, carrying in their tunes the passion to bring their souls to life.

Thief is an exquisitely crafted wall of sound comprised of the soul-pounding rhythm of Steve Janson on drums, the pulsing rock grooves of Ryan Hart on bass, the fleeting melodies of guitarist Brennan Walsh, and the dynamic and piercing vocals of Matt Tubandt. Thief has created a unique style of rock all their own in which Matt’s powerful and sophisticated lyrics combine with the forces of three classically-trained musicians to create one supreme musical beast.

Known for their ability to fuse together genres, from phychedeilc, to pop, to Spanish classical and metal, Thief is influenced by the same bands that influence millions and they are not afraid to admit it. Over a decade ago, in a Franklin, TN garage, Matt and Brennan started playing music together, experimenting with life, skateboarding, and, music, and have never thought about stopping. After playing in several bands including a band called Paris, which was farily successful, beating out the brothers Zack and Josh Farro of Paramore in a battle of the bands, they got together with long time friends Steve and Ryan in October 2009 for Thief to play its first show at the Muse in Nashville.

"We had got a show date before we had a name for our band, so we had to come up with something quick, and when we started talking about it, we came up with “Thief”, because a good musician is just a clever thief."

When Matt and Brennan met Ryan, the idea for starting a band was instantaneous. Ryan was living in an Antioch house recording local rap groups in his home made studio. After the three met, Ryan mentioned a Vanderbilt graduate classically trained in percussion. Once Steve came over, Thief was immediately formed.

With their magnificently deep melting pot of rock styles, Thief will pull you in and then blow you away. This Nashville-based fourpiece has been rocking out local clubs and venues full-time for a while now where they have fine-tuned their sounds, instruments, and personalities into the mind-altering musical experience that they are today. Thief has graced the stages of many prominent Nashville spots like The French Quarter, Exit/In, The Rutledge, 3rd and Lindsley, B.B. Kings, Hard Rock Café, and Nashville’s annual Crawfish Boil.

Thief has just finished recording their self-titled debut album with local Nashville producer Don Sullivan who has worked with artists such as Waylon Jennings, B.B. King and Carlos Santana. The album was released on August 11 and was followed shortly after by Thief’s first video single for “Cadillacs” on YouTube.

Track’s from the Album Thief include:

1. The Good The Bad and The Women
2. Dirty Riley
3. Just Won’t Go
4. Cadillacs
5. Bring It Back
6. She’s So Fine
7. Piano Song
8. Crimson
9. The Innocent
10. Chameleon
11. Sigourney
12. Snow

Their album is available for purchase on iTunes and can be heard on sites such as ReverbNation, Soundcloud, MySpace, and Facebook. Thief can also be found on SonicBids and where they receive over 400 plays every day.

With Spanish classical influences that drip from the melodic symphony of contemporary instrumentation and lyricism, Thief has infused progressive musical dialects with the instrumental vernacular of composers centuries past.

-DH. Wright – Blogger