Reckless Ones
Reckless Ones What's original about rock 'n' roll any more? We have game shows giving out recording contracts like it was a lifetime supply of Spam. Suddenly Mickey Mouse controls the barometer of cool. It's all got to change -- starting now.

Reckless Ones are rock 'n' roll, more real and dangerous than a biker gang on your tail. They are a riotous blend of all things raucous, refusing to be pigeonholed with any one simple term. Blending rockabilly and post-punk with a pop sensibility, Reckless Ones deliver high-energy sets to each awaiting crowd. And in the morning they're gone again, leaving only a trail of dust on the highway.

Forming just before a deep Minneapolis freeze in October 2008, this band of young men -- all currently 24 -- had a vision and a sound from Day One. Before their first gig they began recording their album "Make Your Move." Before the record was done they were shooting a professional music video. Before the records had cooled from the presses they'd booked a 30-date U.S. tour. And before they could unpack their bags, they jetted off to the U.K. for a three-week fall tour. That was November 2009. These boys aren't idle.

Because you can't change rock 'n' roll from a basement. And you can't kill crap music without getting dirty. Because no one will help you, you have to do it yourself. And so Reckless Ones just keep rolling, bringing honest, real music to deprived towns the world over. What's on the list for 2010? A new record, summer festival dates in Europe and another U.S. tour. Don't stand idly by. Help Reckless Ones make some noise: Go see Reckless Ones now!