Touch People
Touch People Lincoln, NE's Darren Keen has spent the better part of his music career touring the planet under the aliases Bad Speler, The Show Is The Rainbow and Touch People. These names signify the various one-man bands in his repertoire, each unique in its sound and all lovingly crafted with honest enthusiasm, zero pretension and 100% extreme musicianship. Over the years Keen has released numerous albums and played nearly 1000 shows worldwide, built a loyal, cult following and turned what was once perceived as a novelty act into a full-fledged DIY, underground movement.

Most recently Keen hatched a deal with the eclectic Illegal Art label (home of Girl Talk, Steinski, Junk Culture) to issue new material from his various monikers. On October 25th, two new mind-bending experimental electronic works will surface from the dome of Touch People: the full-length Show Me Your Dimensions and the Sound Expression EP.

Under any guise, Darren is renowned for causing a ruckus with his irreverent, high-energy live performances. Fans can catch a glimpse of the spectacle this Fall when Touch People tours across the US.