9Electric The 9ELECTRIC sound is ELECTRONIC METAL Fused with ELECTRO ROCK.

the collision of electronic metal with hard-hitting, modern rock. 9ELECTRIC seamlessly bridges the gaps of Electro rock and heavy rock, electronic metal and industrial music into a fresh new sound.

The Los Angeles based quartet formed in mid 2010 with a mission to create a new sound. Vocalist, Thunderwood (formerly Ron Underwood of Opiate For The Masses) met guitarist, *M. Lopez* and drummer/producer, Micah Electric (both formerly of MY EVOLUTION) through their mutual friend and music attorney Eric German, in early 2010. Bassist, CaseyDC (formerly Casey Mahoney of Dry Kill Logic) reconnected with singer Thunderwood (they had worked together in previous projects) through an online ad and officially joined the band in late spring.

9ELECTRIC released its first EP, 'Can You Feel This' - produced by Mikey Doling (formerly of Snot,Soulfly and currently of Channel Zero), in April of 2011. The debut single, Destroy As You Go features guest vocals by Wayne Static (lead vocalist and guitarist of Static-X.) 9ELECTRIC has also released its first music video, for the song 'Feel This' and is currently working on new material.