The Bitteroots
The Bitteroots The Bitteroots are a Decatur-based rock band, influenced by blues, jam, folk and classic rock, with a penchant for catchy hooks, driving rhythms and soaring vocals that keep getting better with time.

The four-piece group is returning to the Atlanta music scene this spring with its sophomore release, “Central of Georgia,” after a short break from gigging to write and record the new record. “Central of Georgia” promises to reflect the band’s growth as a group of writers, musicians and performers and include some tracks that have already been gig-tested and audience-approved.

Coming together for the first time in 2008, The Bitteroots have been refining their style, honing their chops and working through lineup changes that have kept the group fresh, interesting and always ready for more.

With the group since 2010, Laura Dees steps out front as the band’s lead vocalist and the audience’s guide through a Bitteroots set. Well versed in the blues, Dees’ voice also shows that rock ‘n’ roll is about taking no prisoners.

Guitarist Dan Shockley, a founding member of the group, brings to The Bitteroots a sophisticated tone and style you won’t find in your average rock band. A professorial master of the fretboard, Shockley’s leads, melodies and chord voicings are a defining part of The Bitteroots’ sound.

With a thumping five-string bass, Bill Taylor weaves his way through Shockley’s chord changes to hold down the bottom end. He pulls together a mixture of jazz and jam that is as tasteful at the chest- pounding bottom of the register as it is rolling off top-end melodies that make up essential elements of The Bitteroots’ catalog of songs.

Behind all three sits Mike Davis’ drum kit, laying down a strong and steady groove that complements Taylor’s bass and provides a foundation for Dees and Shockley to lead The Bitteroots’ songs on their melodic journey.

The Bitteroots’ next album promises to showcase the group’s finest attributes and its musical range. Listeners will find themselves experience songs that take them from a tender, near-silent whisper to full- bore, driving rock.

The band has already proven itself a crowd pleaser with performances at events around Atlanta for three years, return festival engagements and crowded gigs at some of the city’s most esteemed club venues.

Set for release March 31, The Bitteroots are ready to take their album and themselves to the next level in 2012. It’s going to be a banner year, so you’ll want to be on board.