Patrice Pike
Patrice Pike Austin recording artist Patrice Pike, fresh from her appearance on the CBS reality show Rock Star: Supernova, announces the October 17 release of her third full solo release, “Unraveling”. The album, released by her own new label Tape Slap Records and distributed by Red Eye, showcases Pike’s well established substance as a songwriter and dynamic versatility as a performer.

While Rock Star introduced her to a prime time television audience (10 million national viewers weekly), Pike has long enjoyed a loyal following extending back to her days as the front woman for the band Sister 7. Propelled by Pike’s soaring vocals and highly literate songwriting, Sister 7 spent the ’90s flirting with rock stardom. The quartet charted a couple of Billboard hits and toured with the likes of the Dave Matthews Band, John Fogerty, and the Lilith Fair (featuring Sarah McLachlan and Natalie Merchant). After the 1999 Arista shakeup that featured the unceremonious ousting of industry legend Clive Davis, the band found itself without a label and discouraged, and subsequently disbanded.

Pike wasted no time plunging into a solo career, founding an indie label with Sister 7 band mate Wayne Sutton. She has toured internationally as a solo artist, including main stage appearances at festivals as prestigious and stylistically diverse as High Sierra, Kerrville, Strawberry, and Austin City Limits. She’s also picked up some hardware, claiming the overall grand prize in the 2004 USA Songwriting Competition. After five years of indie toil, she responded on a lark to an invitation to audition for Rock Star: Supernova, and was one of 15 selected (from a worldwide audition pool of 25,000) to compete for the somewhat dubious privilege of fronting Tommy Lee’s “super group”, the modestly named Rockstar: Supernova. Long known for her fierce independence and commitment to art making with integrity, her decision to cast her lot on a reality television show raised some eyebrows in the indie community. The irony was not lost on Pike—who had the look of a frontrunner before she was famously broadsided by show host Dave Navarro in a dustup deemed newsworthy by the New York Times—but she has no regrets about the experience. And contrary to Navarro’s assessment, Pike too has a job—a job she’s had her entire adult life and continues to relish—and this week’s release of “Unraveling” along with her much anticipated reunion with stellar Sister 7 guitarist Wayne Sutton have her feeling particularly rosy about the road that stretches out before her.

Patrice Pike is a socially aware, spiritually grounded artist on top of her game as both a songwriter and a performer. “Unraveling” features a strong and decidedly eclectic collection of songs ranging from the made-for-radio Beautiful Thing to the socially acute Ridiculous Mess to an absolutely superb trio of R&B tunes. She hits the road with her new band in November.

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