Emily & The Lost Cat Ramblers
Emily & The Lost Cat Ramblers Not a scam, not a hoax, step right up and see it folks! Be the first from your camp to witness The Amazing Eight-Legged Cat show for only $1! (Guaranteed to be worth a dollar or your dollar back!!) Why, this cat is so legendary it even has its own band, Emily and the Lost Cat Ramblers. Hear cat tails, scary stories to make your skin crawl, songs of hi-jinx and high adventure, as well as some familiar favorites. Get caught trying to sneak a peek at the freakiest pussy on the lot! Here's your chance to share in the cat-bone mojo of the Cat Diva and her Lost Cat Ramblers. Check them out on facebook @ www.facebook.com/emilylostcatramblers, but don't expect to see the cat there, as bootleg photos are not permitted.