The Grift
The Grift The Grift is an independent band from Burlington, VT. Their sound defies easy categorization – one concertgoer described their sound as "post-jam pop-rock rooted in classic rock" – but this much is sure: they are talented musicians with a knack for reading their audience. They can rock, they can groove, and they can charm you with original songs that stick in your head long after the show. Their original songs have radio-friendly hooks, witty lyrics, and tight vocal harmonies. At the root of it all, their musicianship is impeccable. Their live shows are energetic and memorable – it’s not unusual for band members to swap instruments, play two at a time, or for the whole band to perform a brand new song, improvising music and lyrics on the fly. With a deep catalogue of original music that blends rock and pop and jam, and an equally deep catalogue of cover songs from many different genres, The Grift throws their diverse array of musical influences into the oven and cooks up tasty sonic treats for everyone to enjoy.