The Field Effect
The Field Effect No one saw it coming. For four whole years, it was not uncommon for Doug, Nick, Adam, and Annie to cross paths on a daily basis: in class, in the hallway, on the T, at a party, etc. But it was not until they finished school and pursued their own avenues did the four unite to form The Field Effect: A lineup that has been turning heads ever since.

The Field Effect frontman and rhythm guitarist, Dou...g Orey, passionately delivers exceptional melodies over the dynamic accompaniment of his band-mates. With honest, often aching lyrics and energetic soundscapes, The Field Effect's songs hit hard both sonically and conceptually.

In a live setting, The Field Effect is nothing short of a cannonball to the face. Adam's thunderous drumming has been likened to that of heavy-hitter, Dave Grohl, and often requires no microphones whatsoever. Bassist, Annie, breaks the female musician mold with tastefully-complex bass-lines as well as a vigorous stage presence Nick's creative and catchy lead guitar work provides a perfect catalyst to the driving rhythm bed provided by Doug. On stage, The Field Effect emits a vivacity that commands audiences onto their feet and into motion.