Cassy Cassy is Catherine Britton, born in Kingston Upon-Thames to a Caribbean Father and an Austrian mother. At a young age, she moved to Austria and attended school in Vienna. Already accustomed to the life of an entertainer as both a singer and actress, Cassy was ready when she was introduced to DJ'ing in Vienna. Cassy would tag along with an older female DJ, Electric Indigo, to gigs and it was decided that Cassy should learn in order to not pay for her trips. Cassy eventually ended up in Geneva where she was introduced to Luciano at a friend's studio in 2003. Cassy soon moved to Berlin where she was offered a residency at the legendary Panoramabar in Berghain after she DJ'ed for Luciano's Cadenza party.

Since then, Cassy has grown into an internationally recognized DJ and producer. Her production credits include collaborations with Steve Bug, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, DJ Elin, Dave The Hustler, Mathew Jonson and Swayzak. She has a diverse body of work on such highly-regarded labels as Playhouse, Perlon, Ostgut Ton and Cocoon. Cassy also runs her own self-titled label as an outlet for her unique sound. In addition to her work as a producer, Cassy provides vocals for many of her tracks. In 2011, along with her recurring presence at Panoramabar, Cassy has additional residencies at Rex in Paris and Trouw in Amsterdam, the city in which she currently resides.

When it comes to her DJ sets, Cassy doesn't subscribe to any certain genre, instead she embraces all sounds from house to techno. Her approach to any dancefloor, whether it be for 30 or 3000 people, is about creating a distinctive drive balanced with a sense of warmth and soul. Cassy entices her audience to the dancefloor with a groove and then, with each new track, she gently guides the listener into the present moment. For Cassy, DJing is about presenting herself through her mixes and track selection, to intuit her environment and go with the flow of the changing energy in a room. It's why crowds all across the world now recognize Cassy as a truly special talent.