Technicolor Tone Factory
Technicolor Tone Factory In today's age of micro-niche music, Technicolor Tone Factory is a musical enigma. Boulder based, this collaboration draws its roots from a monstrous palette of styles ranging from Rock to Jazz while touching on everything in between.

TTF's sound is a balanced medley of virtuosic excellence. Together, the two rhythm specialists lay the foundation for a level of musical exploration that is unrivaled in this day and age. Bassist Zach Jackson holds down the grooves with his intricately composed bass lines and penetrating vocals, only to be accompanied by Bryan LaFever, aka "The Drum Demon", whose marching-band past has left him with an immaculate sense of rhythm and a stage presence that is unparalleled... with the exception of guitarist, Jarrod Guaderrama. Bringing a refreshingly new-age take on the classic guitar styles of guitar gods like Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page, Guaderrama's melodies are sure to not only raise the hair on the back of your neck, but your girlfriend's shirt as well. Only fellow guitarist Brian Boster rivals Guaderrama's prowess on the fret board. Boster's loose but intentional riffs are the perfect punctuation to his larger-than-life compositions, apparent in fan favorites like "DNA" and "Jellyfish"; songs that herald TTF's characteristic builds that can only be classified as orgasmic. The final cog in this musical machine is keyboardist, Greg Kalfa. Armed with an arsenal of influences from Chick Corea to Joey Porter, Kalfa's agile fingers masterfully lace texture, melody, and rhythm into the finest musical fabric imaginable, especially when his mystical vocal harmonies are added to TTF's lyrical moments. When these five forces combine to create the TTF experience, the night is sure to be filled with dancing and musical excellence; a party to say the least.

As Bassist Zach Jackson says: "Our goal as a group is to provide our fans with a musical experience that transcends genre classification. Music is meant to be appreciated in all forms, and we believe that this reality is epitomized by TTF"

The next time you hear that Technicolor Tone Factory is coming to town, be sure not to miss an opportunity to go on a magically groovy ride with five of the best up and coming musicians in the scene today.