Dad's LPs
Dad's LPs At its foundation, Dad’s LPs is a rock, pop band with its cornerstones consisting of the powerhouse vocals of John Morales and the emotive voice of Chris Twomey. This is punctuated by Andrew Harris’ sharp guitar attack and glued together by the guitar and bass lines of Jay Seals and Marcus Schmidt. Most importantly though, they are a band of songwriters who love to create, play, and record original music and then get it into the hands of their fans, friends, and family.

Three fifths of its members were road dogs throughout the 2000’s, playing music across America in bars and clubs. One fifth was getting a degree in music while the other was still in high school during that time. No matter the age difference, they came together to make straightforward music… no bells, no whistles. Just quality songs delivered with quality performances.

Their second album, Lemon on Fire (2014), finds the band picking up where they left off with their self-titled debut, Dad’s LPs (2011). This time they’ve had some years to hone their collective vision. Each song, driven by an initial hook, uses tangible lyrics to create stories reflecting the challenges and triumphs of everyday life… a look at the little things with the big picture in mind. The music supports the melody and these stories to create an impactful presentation with sounds ranging from fuzzed out guitars to mellow finger picking and the occasional synth line added texture. The lead guitar does what the song asks of it; sometimes quoting the melody, other times tearing the roof off. Some tunes will make you laugh and bounce, some will make you pump your fist and bob your head, and some will make you take a quiet pause. 14 songs in total, the album makes for a great hour of listening.

The Band:
John Morales – Lead Vocal and Drums
Jay Seals – Guitar and Harmony Vocals
Chris Twomey – Lead Vocal, Guitar, Bass
Andrew Harris – Lead Guitar
Marcus Schmidt (joined in 2013) – Bass