Revival "An Allman Brothers Experience"
Revival REVIVAL evokes the memories and music of a generation and is committed to recreating the brotherhood and spirit of the legendary Allman Brothers Band. Not just a tribute band the musicians capture the live sound creating an unparalleled music experience.

Boasting two of the regions finest touring guitarists, Lefty Williams (Lefty Williams Band, Nothing Simple, and Wayside Riders) and Benji Shanks (Last Waltz, Captain Soularcat, Outformation) and featuring Ron Roper formerly of the (Derek Trucks Band) on keys and vocals, Steve Sanders (Lefty Williams Band, Escape Vehicle, Mr. Scheme), Preston Holcomb (The Grapes, Wayside Riders) on drums and Lex Luther (Barry Richmond Band) on bass.

REVIVAL delivers Allman Brothers classics with respect, dignity, energy and soul.