Gorilla finger dub band
Gorilla finger dub band The Gorilla finger dub band formed in the spring of 2011 by Chris Boivin and Eric Dudevoir. The two artist came from diffident musical backgrounds, finding a common ground in the realm of Peter tosh and Bob Marley. It wasn't long before the the two joined force's with friend's and other local musician's. Pushing vibe and flash mobbing local open mic's under the alias Gorilla Finger.

The band picked up it first gig at the the inaugural "the way life should be festival" Preforming as Gorilla finger dub band, with Sammy B of the cyborg trio on drum's and Kelly Bryand of the trickle down on lead guitar. The band has found a niche for fusing dub and reggae music in the jam band fashion. With each player having a unique style of their own their own blended with Sammy and Eric's dance rhythm shenanigans each show entails a vibe of it's own!