Mike Daly & The Planets
Mike Daly & The Planets Mike Daly is an American singer/songwriter/guitarist, best known for his work with the New Jersey-based power-pop band, Every Damn Day.

In 2008, inspired by the Syracuse, New York-based band, The Martha Dumptruck Massacre (of which his niece was a recurring member), Daly embarked on a solo recording and performing project that would feature an ever-evolving and revolving cast of musicians. The result is Mike Daly & The Planets, which so far has featured members of Daly’s bar band of the same name – Jim Van Sickle (bass/organ), Jim "Smitty" Smith (drums), and Tim Gillespie (lead guitar) – as well as Mike's brother Chuck Daly (lead guitar) and brother-in-law Charles Moeller (piano), and Smitty's daughter, Amy Marie Smith (acoustic guitar/violin).

The band's debut 4-song EP, The Cosmic Adventures of ManBoy, was released internationally in August 2010 at more than 40 retail digital music sites, including iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Rhapsody. A CD-on-demand version of the EP, complete with lyrics and liner notes, is now available through CreateSpace, a division of Amazon.com.

Recording of a full-length follow-up is underway.