Endangered Speeches
Endangered Speeches Endangered Speeches, the creative brainchild of Greek MC/singer/composer/arranger Mariletta Konstantara, aims to restore a meaningful message and forward direction to hip-hop music. Rooted equally in hip-hop and reggae, the Endangered Speeches sound is characterized chiefly by the unique global view brought by each of its 12 members. Although Drum n’ Bass, Dub, Ska, Soul and Rebetika (traditional Greek music), all contribute toward a diverse sound, the cemented rhythm section, airtight horns, and four-part vocal harmonies build a sound both unbreakable and unmistakable.

Founded in 2008, it took a year until the band’s lineup solidified. Now, under the direction of the native Athenian, the group is equipped to bring their signature sound, style, and statement back to all the corners of the world that members call “home.” While Endangered Speeches formed at Berklee College of Music and currently call Boston their collective home, members hail from places as wide-ranging as Canada, Mexico, Norway, Greece, Africa, and around United States, each with diverse musical experience. Now, with the forthcoming release of their sophomore EP "Dem Borders Will Fall," the band moves determinedly forward, poised to bring the music “home.”