Glow In The Sun
Glow In The Sun Glow in the Sun is an American rock quartet formed in San Antonio, Texas in late 2009. The group consists of San Antonio natives Michael Tellez (guitar/bass) and Gilbert Segura (bass/keyboards), Nathan Shimek (vocals/guitar) of Victoria, TX and Matthew Botting (drums) of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Michael and Nathan met in San Antonio and it was music that brought them together. Gilbert, brother-in-law of the singer, was brought in when their former bass player left in 2011. Matt joined after the band's move to Austin in early 2012. Their music has been described as "some loud-talkin', beer-swillin', pretty-girl-harassin' rock, and plumbs the soulful, poppy, and gritty sides of the 1970s' musical golden age, with some added millennial attitude" (Adam Coronado, San Antonio Current).

The band's first album titled "Eagle's Nest," named after the street where the band lived and rehearsed, was recorded in a backyard studio south of San Antonio by Bobby Mercier of Looney Bin Studios. The second album received the name "El Tejano" for the same reason as the first and was recorded by The Strokes producer Gordon Raphael and sound engineer Spencer Ramzel in San Antonio. This record was recorded live in the studio in opposition to the tracking done on the previous album as the band wanted to achieve a warmer, more human feel. Glow in the Sun's current focus is making a name for themselves in the Austin music community and completing a third album, titled "Crack Rock Funk Railroad," which is the first with this cast of members. This auditory illustration dives into the soul of the band and exudes a funkadelic spirit ride that can't be denied. The music will show that this is a band that is completely devoted to their ever present goal of creating music and an energy that speaks to the heart and life of the listener.