Minutehead MinuteHead is the brainchild of guitarist Elliott Slater. Drawing from his musical tastes in indie rock, southern rock, jazz, funk, and jam bands, Slater composes MinuteHead's original tunes. The group is fronted by the vocalist/dancer/songstress Nasimiyu Murumba, who writes all of MinuteHead's lyrics. Murumba's soulful voice and vibrant stage presence breathe life into MinuteHead's engaging, high-energy shows. Trombonist Jeremy Phipps adds funky punches and cathartic solos to the band's sound. The sextet is backed by bassist Will Jordan from Los Poboycitos and the Ramblin' Letters as well as Neilson Bernard from MyNameIsJohnMichael and the Big Easy Brawlers.

The group's sets consist of originals and covers, both instrumental and vocal-driven. By combining the intensity and accessibility of rock with the rhythms of contemporary New Orleans Funk, MinuteHead achieves a unique sound that is unparallelled in the New Orleans music scene today.