Deja Fuze
Deja Fuze The four melody makers that are Deja Fuze dial into one another's wavelengths and release transmissions that oscillate the frequencies of one's state of being. Deja's sound has been crafted from a colorful spectrum of influences; jazz, progressive rock, funk and electronica are the most widely emitted. Their driving progressive electric sound creates a complex live atmosphere. It allows one to journey sonically through, or give into the spirit of the pulse.

Since their fuzion in January '09, Deja has been exciting the senses of many crowds around New York State and the Asheville, NC area. Nietzsche's, The Tralf Music Hall, Weekend off Festival, Utica Music Festival, Pisgah Brewing Company, MoDaddy's and Lexington Avenue Brewery have been a few of the prominent stages they have imprinted.

Spring of 2010 was a true change of the seasons. The band recorded their - soon to be released – debut EP "Some Sort of Green", departed their hometown of Buffalo, NY for Asheville, NC where they have grown in leaps and bounds together. 2010 also brought more excitement to the table. Deja was named one of the top five local Buffalo, NY bands of the decade, by local music writer, Jeff Miers.

Deja Fuze, a band chock full of expressive, progressive, creative vision.