Sassafras Jenkins
Sassafras Jenkins Sassafras Jenkins is a group of musicians dedicated to keeping the legend of a Sassafras Jenkins, a man-horse from Appalachia, alive and well in our already rich American History. They hail from Utica, NY and their mission is clear: Present great music for a great crowd. American Whiskey Jam Rock is a smooth blend of Country, Folk, Blues, Rock, and Improv. Sassafras' musical influence is broad. From operas of the baroque period, to wild drug addicted, acid rock of the 1970s, Sassafras has a plethora of knowledge to draw upon as a fierce, musical unit. Front man Ryan Blakeman was born in Ohio and loves the Miami Dolphins. His favorite movie is "Two Men and a Baby", and he listens to The Last Waltz on repeat. It comes out in his music. Saxophonist Chris McNamara is bigger than everybody. He learned to play in the Utica City School District, and privately under Monk Rowe. Chris hasn't had a car in three years, and was recently given a van to go to work. At work, Chris programs the Government, and he really enjoys Phish. He went to college in Pennsylvania where he learned how to program the Government. He resides in Central New York. Backup/Lead Vocalist Nicole Edsall is a bank teller. Her voice is that of a goddess. Bass player, Mikey Thompson hails from Oxford, NY and is super mad that his friends didn't book their campsite for Watkins Glen NASCAR Thingy 2012. He drops the bomb on the bass and loves all the Classic Rock. Lead/Rhythm Guitarist Mike Winkler is from New Hartford, NY. His facial hair doesn't connect, but he keeps it anyway. He learned to play guitar in two weeks so he could be in this band. One time, he shared a double bed with Chris and his girlfriend. Mike majored in Music Education and is one of two members in this band that can read music. Drummer Adam Morgan sounds, and looks exactly like Charlie from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". He lives in a house with a flat roof. His beats are full of life! So come one, come all! Enjoy the music of a Sassafras Jenkins. At the end of their performance you will be super glad you heard them, and you will crave their unique sound again and again!