Stonebelly Stonebelly is a Lincoln, NE based rock band - A classic power trio that combines Mike Hollon's (guitar/vocals) love of rock, blues, jazz, and reggae with Kevin Korus's unique, heavy, and progressive style of drumming. Add Scott Dworak's solid and groovin' approach to bass. You get a sound that is rootsy, rockin' and funky. It is easy to tell these guys just love music, have something to say, and are all about the song....

Stonebelly is a hard working, promoting, and touring band - winning crowds over with their solid cross-genre blend of rock music. After performing for the first time in the Summer of 2010, they have quickly become a local favorite. Playing Lincoln Exposed, Lincoln Calling, and Hullabaloo Music Festivals as well as the club circuit in Lincoln and Omaha. Stonebelly will be touring regionally in the Midwest and beyond all of 2012.

Stonebelly's first CD "Free Spirit : Lost Soul" was released January 2012 and is quickly gaining attention - receiving radio play on both KZUM and KRNU (College Radio) and internet streaming.


Mike Hollon - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Kevin Korus - Drums and Vocals
Scott Dworak - Bass


'Free Spirit : Lost Soul' - January 2012