Purity Ring
Purity Ring You don't exactly dance to the music of Purity Ring. Rather, you drift, and are carried away. The Edmonton, Canada-based duo, formed by 23-year-old Megan James and 21-year-old Corin Roddick, are part of a genre-defiant category of music. Let's call it future pop. Swooning and eerily sexy, Purity Ring's gliding sound blends the best of what's in vogue with what endures—equal parts DJ Screw, Lindsey Buckingham, a sprinkling of the Mad Decent coterie and yes, nursery rhymes. Only in 2011 could you expect to hear all of those things synthesized in one place to produce such a breathtaking and wonderful curiosity.

All the references add up thanks to Roddick's punch-drunk production, perhaps as much of an unknowing homage to the late '90s Timbaland as present day shoegazing acts like M83 and Salem. And then there's James's voice—fairy-like, frequently chopped and screwed not just down but up, and increasingly personal. In a world full of laptop wizardry, personality still goes a long way. We met up with James and Roddick the morning after their show at the Fuck Yeah Festival in Los Angeles and discussed secret diaries, misrepresented Soulja Boy quotes, and how their parents feel about their burgeoning career.