Feed Me
Feed Me Jon Gooch has been quoted as saying his sister Caroline was one of his greatest musical influences, enjoying her Spice Girls albums from a young age[2]. He obtained his name from one of the first set of samples he collected, entitled 'Spore Tactics', and a favorite piece of artwork by a friend, Karl Kwasny[citation needed]. However, he soon dropped the "e" from the word to balance the arrangement of letters when displayed in a graffiti style[citation needed]. After a school friend introduced Jon to the world of Drum & Bass he began experimenting with software to create his own music. Spor attracted the attention of Renegade Hardware's label manager (at the time) Chris Renegade, and secured a deal with the label. Much of his work was released through this label, and soon Jon began DJing sets. He has also released work under the name 'Final Reckoning' with Codex, as well as under the name 'Unicron'. After a successful partnership with Renegade Hardware and Barcode Recordings, and releases with Teebee's Subtitles Recordings, in 2006, Spor and long-term friend Chris Renegade launched Lifted Music and signed music from producers such as Apex, Evol Intent and Ewun & Phace. Spor has since then been traversing the globe playing his music at clubs across the world under the Lifted Music guise. Spor's electro house side project, Feed Me, has also been rather successful. A two track EP has been released under Deadmau5's label, mau5trap, along with a track on Noisia's label as well. He released a second EP under mau5trap on December 25, 2010, titled Feed Me's Big Adventure. It features eight new tracks including both electro house and dubstep. His newly released third EP of four tracks called To the Stars has been available to the public since June 3, 2011. Jon was also involved in a second side project called 'Seventh Stitch', which produced alternative IDM. He worked with another artist called Aker.