Continuum (CA)
Continuum (CA) Continuum is a live Electronic band infusing live instruments with live electronics. The brain child of producers Joe Wendt and Ryan Aicklen, Continuum began as a duo and has grown into a collective of musicians, performing as a duo, trio, or quartet. Mixing live loops, beats, and effects with live bass, keys, and drums, this project keeps the music running seamlessly through out the entire set. Focusing on sound design, they spend a lot of time making new sounds and satisfying the listeners' ears. Continuum always brings the dance party with them and will get any party moving with their sexy bass lines, catchy melodies, and enticing beats.

Depending on the parties needs, Continuum can perform as a Live DJ duo or as a full band with Live drums and Live electronics.

Continuum is made up of several seasoned touring artists who have made an impact on the music scene in their own way.