Bullfrog Bullfrog has been together in one form or another since 1998. It all started with three guys - Billy Galaxy (guitar), Charlie Crowell (percussion), and John Ilkow (bass, harp). Soon after forming the band felt they needed an additional guitar player, so in October of 1998, Steve Randahl was added to round out the group. As time went on our "Mr. Guitar" - Ken Russell (joined in May, 2000) was brought in to augment the band - giving Bullfrog some needed flexibility.

Unfortunately in the fall of 2000 our bass player, John, had to give up the band and place his energies towards his growing family. We miss him still, but we were luckily able to replace him with our current bass man - Gary "Hoss" Mlekush (October, 2000). (Sometimes we get lucky.) We have now lost Mr. Guitar. Ken has to back off of playing in a band. Too much time is involved in practicing and gigging, and he's chosen ("choose wisely, my son.") to devote that time to his family. We miss you Ken.

Steve "Slide" Randahl, the 4th member of the band brought in at the beginning of the band in 1998 by Billy, Charlie, and John, retired from Bullfrog in March of 2006.

But the band isn't just the musicians. We have a support staff of family and friends. Our staff photographers, Holly and Terry, take all those wonderful pictures at our gigs. What would this website be without those pictures? And our spouses - they let us practice every Wednesday night (well, almost every Wednesday) . . . and they let us out of the house to gig . . . . and they come to all our gigs! While we're learning songs, you're putting up with us. Thanks. It's hard to express how much we appreciate it.

And we've also brought other musicians to fill in on various gigs. A big thanks to all of them. Those gigs couldn't have gone on without their musical talents. Thanks.