Plethora Plethora plays a variety of Rock and Roll through time. We stand behind the idea that Rock and Roll is evolving, moving, and has a lot of attitude. Playing at our favorite local bar Diamond Lil's Saloon every month, they have developed a party following. Bottom line - you book Plethora - the fans come back!


Special thanks to our engineer Steve Tebo, for helping us with sound! Also the support of our family and friends, we couldn't do it without their encouragement!


Chris Canzoneri - Guitar/Vocals/Bass

Although the only one in his familiy to play instrument,he was indeed born into a musical family. From conception to present day Chris was constantly awash with music.Singing being his first love, his Mother would coach him after noticing his talent and affection to do so. Then with the invention of MTV and its broadcast freely roaming the airwaves before Cable's takeover, his love for music was forever written in stone.Like most impressionable pre-teen boys he asked for a drum set. Again like most boys was given an emphatic no.Shortly after his Mother did agree to a guitar for his 11th birthday. After seven weeks of instruction he was playing most anything he heard, picking each note out by ear as he still does to this day.A natural born lefty and lucky enough to have not had anyone try to change that, he holds no bias towards any style of music, often appreciating particular talents of an offering he may not entirely prefer.Chris has played with a variety of people from all walks and ages, musical talents and backgrounds, enjoying the listening and learning pleasure he absorbs from it.Says quite simply "I just like to play, and will do so with anyone at any time!" Hence the band title PLETHORA of which he is most pleased the members of have accepted. You may on occassion see Chris wearing an eye patch of his own making from time to time. In '96 he lost his eye due to an undetermined strain of a Staph infection. He has embraced it as his newly God-given trait and has learned to accept it and incorporate it into his personality."Sometimes it can get a bit uncomfortable so I started making my own eye patches experimenting with different materials and styles because the ones you buy look rediculously noticable and "out of the hospital" so to speak. I wanted something with style", he says.

Wasteland Will -Guitar/Bass/Vocals

If you can imagine a world with no musical boundries, no genres, no types, styles, just music, pure and simple. Will plays whatever he feels, whenever he wants. This is one of the basic principals behind Plethora. Take the Ramones, they went into the studio, recorded their tracks and called it done. You can hear it in the recordings, it is pure. Sometimes it is good to layer a track, if you are going for a specific sound or ambiance, but usually with Wasteland Will it is shoot from the hip. After all, even though we've all been brainwashed what stays again and again is the pure rock and roll. Whether it is the early Stones or Beatles, The Ramones or Sex Pistols, Nirvana or Green Day, what we like is the "raw" sound and feeling that brings our feelings out. This is Rock and Roll as it was intended.

Wasteland Will is a personlity that cannot be stopped, catigorized, or tamed. "I have to live my life by the rules I set before me, which are sbject to change at anytime."