Fat Mannequin
Fat Mannequin About Fat Mannequin
Fat Mannequin is the acoustic side project of The Heavy Pets' guitar players/lead vocalists Jeff Lloyd and Mike Garulli and bassist Tony D'Amato. They strip down THP classics while dabbling in creative covers suited for their well-honed acoustic acumen. The project offers a glimpse into the heart of The Heavy Pets, a life-long musical collaboration born when Jeff and Mike began playing acoustic guitar together during high school free lunch periods. It also showcases an inventive cross-section of tunes that have become THP stand-bys, as it was in this acoustic fashion that so many of the songs were written. Fat Mannequin brings an enormous and vibrant energy which rivals that of their electric counterpart, while showcasing the beautiful voices which can often be a side-note during the frenetic, chops heavy throw-downs of The Heavy Pets.