Jordan and the RituaL
Jordan and the RituaL Jordan and the RituaL is one of the most exciting groups to come out of the Bay Area music scene in years. JATR was founded by the charismatic keyboardist/producer extraordinaire and lead vocalist Jordan Feinstein. He has created a unique California sound that has been described as a mix of Soul, Funk, Rock, and Groove. Jordan Feinstein is one of the most talented and sought after keyboardists in the Bay Area. JATR features some of the top players in the San Francisco music scene. This eclectic band of artists all hail from wildly diverse musical backgrounds and infuse their own artistry and intensity to flavor original tunes. Shows often include massive jams with over 13 musicians on stage adding to the contagious, soulful electricity of the Ritual. The Rituelles are some of the best and most soulful female singers in the SF Scene. JATR is a one of a kind musical experience not be missed.