Lonesome Locomotive
Lonesome Locomotive Lonesome Locomotive is driven by remarkable songs that cut across genres and pull on many different emotional strings to create a sound that is layered, direct, and poignant. The music has a feeling of being instantly classic, fresh and danceable all at once. LL steams into jams, but is not a jam band. Their improvisations benefit from the superb musicianship of lead guitarist Brian Byrnes and bass master Mike Meagher, and are hoisted up by the driving rhythms of drummer Erin Cassidy and guitarist Michael Rosen. Together they achieve a sound that is stripped down, yet rich and strong.

Lonesome Locomotive's seeds were planted in 2010 when Rosen moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco, needing a place to stay, and Cassidy offered his Excelsior basement for two weeks. When Meagher came by to jam, the talented friends quickly realized something special was present. Things really got rolling in 2011 when Brian Byrnes joined the trio, invented a name, and brought his spot-on harmonies and beautiful lead guitar melodies to the group.

Without a regular rehearsal space, they forged their sound on local San Francisco stages, pushing themselves to try new material in front of live audiences, where the band thrives. In 2012 LL hit the studio, recording a five track EP with studio engineer and producer Chuck Gonzales, and mixed/mastered by bassist Paul Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billie). It's long awaited release will be Summer '13.

Lonesome Locomotive's timeless vocals and classic sounding songs could be at home in any era.