Wafer Members:
John Chatelain - keys
Jordan Olsen - guitar
Jamie Olsen - guitar
Jeff DeWitt - percussion
Byron Hall - drums
Mike Crandall - bass

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Record Label:NARRL Music

Wafer delivers strong groove-based jam music in the progressive vein of Phish, Moe, and Umphery's McGee. The band is driven by a relentless desire to avoid repetitiveness, creating new and interesting melodies, good vibes, and spontaneous arrangements; Wafer is the jam band for the short attention span.

Wafer is a collective project of veteran musicians from other acclaimed SLC music projects including: The Gorgeous Hussies, The Velvetons, The Wailing O'Sheas, and Fry Sauce.

Booking Agent: booking@narrlmusic.com
Press Contact: contact@narrlmusic.com