Ephniko EPHNIKO (ef-ni-ko) is a Colombian songwriter, recording artist, and emcee from Miami. His music is unpredictably eclectic but well rooted in the gritty sound and lyrical centricity of 90s hiphop.

Lyrically, EPHNIKO engages audiences with skillful interpretations of immigrant narratives and poetic portraits of the times. Being a native to Barranquilla, ‘la Bella,’ he conserves some of the cultural idiosyncrasy and musical ‘tumbao del caribe Colombiano,’ but he has developed a unique voice with a global appeal as a result of his multiple travels and life experiences.

EPHNIKO has baptized his sound with the name ‘Latin Boom Bap,’ which he describes as ‘the musical translation of his Latino world view through the eyes of the microphone.

His sound has been compared to Orishas, Beatnuts, Blackstar, Vico C, and Nas. One way to explain it would be Gangstarr meets Joe Arroyo in Jimi Hendrix’s spaceship. Another way would be KRS-One and Radio Bemba Sound System featuring Ali Faraka Touré. You get the point.