Hamburger Hunt
Hamburger Hunt Hamburger Hunt delivers 24/7 drive-thru funk in a 30 mile radius, as long as my mother doesn't need the car.

Established in early 2010, a quintet with open minds towards funk, rock and a touch of jazz, Hamburger Hunt played its first show in April, and has since shared the stage with the likes of The Heavy Pets, Psychadelphia, Stushido, Ten Minute Window, Tha Itis, E-Funk, La Violencia and others. Venues the band has played include the North Star Bar, Connie's Ric-Rac, Millcreek Tavern, M Room, Draught Horse, Jon and Peter's in New Hope, The Saint in Asbury Park and Triumph Brewing Co. and others.

Hamburger Hunt seeks performance dates and can be contacted via e-mail at

C'mon Son. Let's go on a hamburger hunt.