Leftover Cuties
Leftover Cuties Imagine Billie Holiday playing ukulele under a palm-thatched hut in 1930's Waikiki and you'll get a taste of the soothing sound of Leftover Cuties. A delicate mix of sultry crooning, tender melodies, and bittersweet lyrics, Leftover Cuties harkens back to a simpler age when music was as likely to come from a soup-line or a smoke filled speakeasy as it was from a recording studio.

Shirli McAllen (singer/songwriter) and Austin Nicholsen (bassist/songwriter) began their lives together as Leftover Cuties in 2008. It was, in fact, an impromptu jam session with Austin's ukulele that led to the creation of the Cuties first song and the title track of their debut EP. Seizing that creative seed, Austin and Shirli began working on Leftover Cuties in earnest; writing songs, recording, and assembling band members. After long months of hard work, the Cuties played their first show at The Hotel Cafe in late 2008 to a packed house, followed by the release of their debut EP "Game Called Life" in early 2009. The EP was co- produced with well-known producer/mixer/engineer Ryan Hewitt (John Frusiante, Cat Power, the Avett Brothers).

Since, the cuties have filmed their first music video for the title track "Game Called Life", have played over 100 shows in the L.A area, recorded a cover for pop song "Poker Face" which had recently gotten over 20,000 views on You Tube due to a mention by Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga on twitter, and are already hard at work on their forthcoming full length album with well known producer Tony Berg (Peter Gabriel, Pete Yorn, Jesca Hoop). The album is due out in 2010.

The Cuties EP title track "Game Called Life" was very recently placed as the theme song for a new Showtime series called "The Big C" staring Laura Linney.