Relacksachian Relacksachian's sound is a mirror image of its name. In creating and combining a relaxing atmosphere with Appalachian-inspired improvisational music, the quintet has managed to generate a sound that consistently stirs audiences into dancing mashes of country girls, city boys, young folk, old folk and most of what may be there between.

The band's music resonates among so many listeners because it transforms the traditional to new, and the new to traditional. Showcasing a fiddle, a mandolin, spoons, a washboard, an upright bass, an acoustic guitar and a drum set, Relacksachian reinvents traditional fiddle and bluegrass tunes and reworks songs from the likes of Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead, all while maintaining an impressive library of original music.

The five Virginia natives, most of whom live in Roanoke , don't claim to be the first group of musicians to whole-heartedly love music and the Blue Ridge Mountains from which theirs often echoes, but they do claim to be part of a lucky few that are able to share that love on stage. And they are thankful.