SOLARiS Formed in 2010, SOLARiS is a 3 piece all-instrumental band that hails from upstate New York. In the short time they've been together as a band, the members of SOLARiS have created over 20+ original compositions that range from electronica to dubstep, jazz fusion to funk, breakbeatss to drum'n'bass. Each of these compositions vary in speed, length, genre and style, but all of them are used as blank slates to showcase the trio's explosive improv, electronic experimentation, and constantly evolving new sounds. While from show to show many of the songs remain the same, no two SOLARiS shows will ever be alike. The band strives to create new and interesting twists on their material for their constantly evolving live shows; whether it's monster transitions, new improv jams or the occasional recognizable cover or remix, it's safe to say that SOLARiS is an entity that never stops growing and changing.

SOLARiS has had the honor of sharing the stage with many talented acts such as Brothers Past, Dopapod,Timbre Coup, Horizon Wireless, and Jeff Bujak to name a few.

Jared Raphel- Keyboards
Dan Lyons- Drums/ Electronics
Vince Naro- Bass