Mize and the Drive
Mize and the Drive Mize and the Drive is a six piece soul rock band from Murfreesboro, TN. In the Fall of 2009, lead vocalist Lee Ramsey began sharing his songwriting and lyrical abilities with longtime friends Ben Wencil (rhythm guitar), Cody Malak (lead guitar), and Dan Jarnagin (drums) in hopes of exploring his music further and creating a BIG sound. Further development of the songs and with the additions Alex Stevenson (saxophone) and Les Greer (bass 2011-2012), the band was able to release their debut album "Irene" during the onset of 2012. Changes have been seen in the band's lineup over the years - most notably with the departure of Les and the addition of Nathan Deese on bass in 2013. Drawing on a wide range of influences, including soul, folk, jazz, funk, and roots rock, Mize's music has been described as "universal tribulations without youthful, desperate angst -Murfreesboro Pulse," and a sound that's "refreshingly unique -Middle Tennessee Music." With an extreme focus on performance, the band truly comes to life in the live environment. Mize approaches a live set as one giant composition and aims to segue, transition, and improvise through their original catalog while still working in clever covers and new arrangements. Mize and the Drive is currently booking shows throughout the Middle Tennessee area with their sights on expanding further in the Southeastern US.