O' Henry
O' Henry Tempe based O' Henry Band draws inspiration for their music from the rugged beauty of Arizona. This six member indie folk band uses traditional acoustic instruments to create warm rich textures with a modern voicing. Their first CD to be released November 2010 is appropriately titled “Horsethief Basin” after the wilderness area in the Bradshaw Mountains in Central Arizona. Songs are crafted about their experiences growing up in this unique eco-system of hot desert days, escaping to the cold water flumes, avoiding the autopilot of everyday life, finding jewels of hope on a dusty road, and savoring the moment in time before falling asleep.

O' Henry draws strength and creativity from the diversity of its members. Singer-songwriter Mike Hintz, always a warm soul, expresses our common experiences from hopelessness to hope with his gentle yet reassuring warm voice. Fiddle and accordion player Michael Fornwalt brings the music to higher highs using his fluid melodies and solos. Banjo player Jon Gengle gently pulls the songs back in time with his subtle finger picking. Bassist Matt Scipione floats the entire band with the strings of his tall stand up bass. Drummer John Hazelton keeps things moving fast and then goes faster, while guitarist Henry Wong adds textures and layers to the music.