Blue Moon Soup
Blue Moon Soup Blue Moon Soup, the acoustic folk quartet from Yellow Springs, Ohio, entrances audiences with an eclectic mix of jam band staples, folk and bluegrass traditionals; original tunes that fuse folk and psychedelia to establish a unique identity in an increasingly homogenized musical landscape. As evidenced by the presence of a fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and upright bass, Blue Moon Soup’s bluegrass and Celtic folk roots run deep. On stage, trail-side or fireside, the music brings a sincerity and spirit to the stage that sweeps wallflowers onto the dance floor, and an enthusiasm that engages the audience into the wee hours of the night. After a Blue Moon Soup show, we hope your feet are tired and your ears yearn for more.

Blue Moon Soup is Jon Bauman (Standup Bass, Vocals), Robbie Marion (Fiddle, Vocals), Brendan Moore (Mando, Vocals) and Justin Moon (Guitar, Vocals). Since 2010, the music has evolved to a more "traditional, string-based bluegrass and Celtic-leaning folk sound that they then filter through a psychedelic jam band’s lens," according to reports. The band prefers to let the music be whatever the listener desires it to be and it is different for different people. One thing is for sure, people love the music and the band and how hard they work in their trade to make good music in an ever-increasing fan base.

From dive bars to concert halls, Blue Moon Soup has quickly attracted a fervent core group of fans throughout the broader Dayton area, and has gone onto augment its burgeoning following by appearing at a variety of regional musical festivals in the Midwest and has toured throughout the region and making inroads across the US into Colorado and into the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states playing original music from their catalog.

The first album from Blue Moon Soup landed in late 2011 and featured eight original titles. The newest album, their self-titled second LP is more refined with an array of instruments to bring about an orchestral feel to the music. Other benchmarks for the band include opening for Yonder Mountain String Band, Arrested Development, Great American Taxi, The Ragbirds, The Werks and many more.

One thing that has remained important to the band is their ability to interface with the audience. They are consistently receiving offers to perform the main late-night slots at festivals and this allows them the ability to socialize with fans during the day and really get to know the people who love to see them play their music at night. This has been an important part of their ability to attract and keep listeners interested in the bands endeavors and building the bands network of fans that span the whole country. The band continues to reach out to new fans; young and old, near and far and are rapidly increasing their fan base by playing festivals and larger venues in cities and towns near you.