World's Finest
World's Finest Ever since World's Finest formed in the winter of 2011, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more versatile and unique group of musicians anywhere in the NW. Blending ska, bluegrass, dub, punk and everything in between, this 5 piece Portland band has created a genre all their own, and has been steadily filling up dance floors and packing venues wherever they go. The diverse backgrounds of the different... members really come to light in the varied, but truly authentic sound of the band's many compositions. Heartfelt love songs mingle with tales of life on the road and stories of everyday existence. Every time they step on stage, Chris Couch (guitar), Dan Hurley (banjo), Evan Malfer (upright bass), Mike Apodaca (drums), and Sean McLean (sax) project an undeniable energy and passion for their craft.