House Of The Rising Funk
House Of The Rising Funk Something primal is happening in Knoxville, TN. Something slathered in funk, born of southern rock, and inspired by jazz fusion. Real jazz fusion, like Miles Davis, Medeski Martin & Wood and Mahavishnu Orchestra; something that should notify you all that men can rise out of a swamp, plug in their instruments of choice and knock the brain out of your skull with a sonic assault that still boggles the mind. House of The Rising Funk consist of four men: Brian Quarles (guitar, percussion, gadgets and the occasional vocal insanity), John Aiken (drums, percussion and wisecracks), Dave Eckman (saxaphone and the occasional bad joke) and Scott Belcher (bass and general aura of cool) and yes they have been known to feast on gator meat dipped in a side of the days freshest roadkill cocktail sauce. When House of The Rising Funk takes the stage the chosen are sonically annihilated with head-banging, groovalicous, rumpus-ruckus-rock that leaves them in a zombic state as if they just had their brains funked out after what had been up to that moment, a normal day.

The spirit of true jazz fusion is alive again in Knoxville, TN and such a thing now-a-days is as rare as the Loch Ness monster and as powerful as Sasquatch. Not only do House of The Rising Funk push the boundaries of multiple styles, they are as humble a musical vessel as you will find in today�s industry dominated landscape. With a finger on the pulse of modern society, the band realizes that the relationship between artist and fan cannot become a one way street, it�s a shared experience empowered by willing and active participation by all. Its music, it�s supposed to be fun, not clandestine. Soap boxisms aside, House of The Rising Funk will remind you of what it felt like when bands were willing to play anything, anywhere, for anybody.