Dirty Ghosts
Dirty Ghosts The Dirty Ghosts are pale and unwashed, yet they are fresh. Though based on solid ideas, the band is always attempting to get new with their style!!!! They are basically like a kid in a mask shop, always putting on weird new music masks, then having a hard time taking off the masks, so when they pick new masks, they just pull them over the old masks. The genre of music they do should be called “Layered Mask”. They are all musicians and they all want to make melodies that fight their way into your head like a controlling babysitter. Allyson handles electric guitar while Binks handles electric bass and Aesop handles the beat machines and this suits all of them just fine. Allyson and Carson have been collaborating for years, playing out ideas in the basement until the songs arrive via mental fax machine. So put a quarter in the fax machine and listen to a singing piece of paper.